End of Lease Cleaning – Types of Special Cleaning Requests

You can get all types of cleaning jobs done in the packages offered in end of lease cleaning Melbourne and it varies according to the location and size of property. Along with, you may have special requests to look for supplementary services for the options added in the package.

Special Cleaning Services

  • When looking for bond cleaning Melbourne, you may request for proper carpet cleaning to ensure stain removal. Carpet cleaning like dry cleaning, hot water and steam cleaning adds to the supplementary costs.
  • Ceiling and wall washing is supposed to be less or more expensive according to the number of rooms you want to clean, height of ceiling, and condition of walls.
  • Curtain cleaning is definitely a service out of average package that comes with these cleaners. Professional solutions have proven to be very effective and complete for these requests.
  • You may also want to ask for outdoor window washing which is not covered in basic package of vacate cleaning Melbourne. Standard services include only indoor window cleaning. You can get exterior washing on request.
  • Yard and garden cleaning is also offered by the service providers. They may provide swimming pool cleaning, lawn mowing, hedge cutting, and other jobs that can be quickly and professionally managed by the expert cleaners.

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